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 2014 Michigan Fall Educational Seminar


  Bank On It!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI


2014 NSH Award & Scholarship Winners from Michigan!


J.B. McCormick,M.D.Award                                Ada Feldman

Epitomics IHC Award                                                 Paula Arrowsmith

Biocare Excellence in Patient Care Award                     University of Michigan Animal Medicine

Student Scholarships                                                  Hlee Vue      Margaret Dennis      Syndney Hein




Peggy A. Wenk 1952–2014
"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."     Margaret Fuller, Journalist
Thank you Peggy for giving us a bonfire of knowledge - your friends and colleagues in the MSH
Donate a tree in memory of Peggy A. Wenk at http://www.treesforachange.com/custom-grove-of-trees.html

Election Results

Executive Board 2014-2016
New term begins July 1

President- Paula Canfield
Vice-President- Michelle Martin
Secretary- Carrie Schray
Treasurer- Rachel Fowler
Editor- Stephanie Allen

House of Delegates
Michelle Martin
Dee Wolfe
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Newsletter of the Year for 2014 !!

announced at NSH in Austin, Texas 


  • Poster/Educational Exhibits

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2014 MSH Award Recipients

Founder's Education Award- Nicole Bricker
Barbara J. Spillan Award- Amy Porter & Patricia K. Senagore M.D.
Educational Exhibits-
1st place - Brad Hunt
2nd place - Sydney Hein
3rd place - Lisa McMurry
John M. Budinger Award- Amy Porter





The NSH Awards and Scholarship program offers

 an economic incentive for continuing education as

 well as the recognition you deserve for your work in

the field.

Click on the link below to review specific requirements and application procedures for these awards and scholarships.



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