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The MSH is dedicated to elevating the standards, knowledge, and performance of the Histology Profession through education and informational resources. Our state meetings, award winning newsletter, and quality control service have been instrumental in achieving this goal.

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Please Join us for the 

2016 Fall Educational Seminar
"Covering All the Bases"

Saturday, November 5th 
The View (at) Cooley Law School Stadium, Lansing MI 

Did you get to attend the 2016 Spring Symposium?

If not, you can download the PowerPoint presentations given at the joint meeting of the Biological Stain Commission and Michigan Society of Histotechnologists, 3rd-4th June 2016

R. W. Dapson   Schiff’s Rainbow – The mechanisms and consequences of multi-colored Schiff reagents  –  Click here

J. A. Kiernan   Haemalum – Substrates and mechanisms of staining  –  Click here

S. Nielsen   Positive and Negative Controls in IHC    Click here

B. M. Turner   Progress toward precision cancer therapy  –  Click here


As of July 2016 the following people were elected to serve a 2 year term for MSH.

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