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Web MG

If you're someone who values staying informed and up-to-date on the latest happenings in our field and beyond, then you'll love the Web MG newsletter! Our award-winning publication is dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive and relevant news and articles covering regional, state, and national information. With a team of experienced writers who are passionate about our field and committed to delivering accurate, informative, and engaging content, the Web MG will keep you informed. 

Must be an MSH member to view the award-winning Mikro-Graf archives.


Newsletter of the Year was initially sponsored by Hacker Instruments and awarded by the National Society of Histotechnologists until it was discontinued in 2016. The NSH Awards Committee selected the newsletter that they felt best met the criteria for clarity, content, neatness and aesthetics.

1. Reflected state, regional, and national news (clarity).

2. Had articles that were beneficial to the histology laboratory and were fully referenced (content).

3. Edited such that all entries were clear and to the point. Grammatical errors should be absent (neatness).

4. Presented it self in an attractive manner throughout the issue. The editor received a plaque/certificate with a $500.00 grant to the state society. The Mikro-Graf was a frequent recipient of this award throughout its history.

NSH Newsletter of the Year

Year       Editor

2014      Dee Wolfe

2013      Dee Wolfe

2012      Dee Wolfe

2011      Dee Wolfe

2010      Dee Wolfe

2009      Dee Wolfe

2007      Wendi Edgett

2003      Carrie Schray

2002      Janet Dapson

2001      Janet Dapson

2000      Janet Dapson

1998      Janet Dapson

1997      Janet Dapson

1991      Peggy Wenk

1990      Peggy Wenk

1981      Sandy Spiewak

NSH Merit Award

Year       Editor

2008      Wendi Edgett

2004      Carrie Schray

1999      Janet Dapson

1989      Peggy Wenk

1983      Dick Dapson

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